Ryan Morley

Ryan started cycling at the age of 13, initially riding mountain bikes, but quickly found his place on the road. Ryan began his racing career in time trials from the age of 15 and entered the world of road and criterium racing shortly after. As a junior, Ryan raced extensively competing at Welsh national level.

Ryan fell in love with the world of cycling and began working within the cycling industry for several years, before deciding to pursue a career in the Royal Air Force. 

It was as a senior where he made his break. After purchasing a power meter, Ryan set out to understand the data and how to get the most out of his body. In the following years Ryan achieved countless victories in time trials, criteriums, road races and even the odd cyclo-cross race.


 Ryan's biggest achievements include:

  • TT PB's of Sub 19 mins for 10 miles and sub 50 mins for 25 miles
  • 5th at CTT National Championship level
  • Top 30 placing at British Cycling Elite National TT Champs 2017 and 2018
  • Racing the UCI international CiCLE Classic 2018

In 2019, Ryan's cycling career ended when he was diagnosed with an underlying heart condition that prevented him from ever riding again. Unwilling to leave his passion behind, Ryan chose to apply his extensive knowledge and analytical mind to coaching. And while he can no longer compete, he is driven to help people get the best results they can.

After further education and a trial period, Ryan has the up-most confidence in his ability as a coach and is proud to formally launch Ryan Morley Coaching.